The Beauty of All Life

Welcome to the world of Newman Biotech – the leading producer of Australian bovine-derived serum products. We’ve been supplying our serum to global research organisations and international pharmaceutical groups since 2010. Our serum has been used in the development of life-saving vaccines and medical treatments that help adults and children across the globe, every day.

Process sets us free

Newman Biotech is involved in every step of the production process – working with agricultural producers to ensure a quality serum is available, processing in our state of the art facility, to delivering serum by the hands of our highly-trained staff. We follow strict quality control process that allows us to supply our serum to leading international pharmaceutical companies that trust in us. Ours and their focus could be, your future health.

100% Australian

Isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by ocean borders and low levels of pollution, we’re blessed to operate in one of the most disease and impurity free environments on the planet. These factors coupled with strong biosecurity practices in Australia’s agricultural industry, enables Newman Biotech to produce foetal bovine serum of Australian origin that’s second to none.

We trace all our steps

Every batch of material that leaves our facility in Victoria, Australia has full traceability. Our processes are ‘traceability certified’ by the International Serum Industry Association. We provide transfer certificates to our end customers, which ensures that the information about the serum transferred is maintained throughout the export chain, providing assurance to our international trading partners that importing requirements have been met. This makes our serum eligible for supply to customers worldwide.

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